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Japanese-style reflexology foot massage Shiatsu chart of headache

Shiatsu reflexology massage foot chart of headache

1.Please massage a point of a foot of a head for about 1 minute, both legs.
2.massage both sides of the head for two or three minutes. A neck is two or three minutes.Let's rub the points of a foot of a neck. If your skin is hard, use a stick is nice idea.
3.Please do not forget to massage point of a foot of an Renal gland, Kidney, urethral canal,bladder. It is necessary.

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You can do a Japanese-style foot massage Shiatsu easily at home.Let's try for your healthy life!

Foot Massage Shiatsu equipment
The preparations that are necessary before a foot massage. About the case which you must not massage.

Foot massage Shiatsu techniques
How to do Shiatsu foot massage?

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About Japanese style foot massage Shiatsu

"An illustration. You can do foot massage reflexology" Igarashi yasuhiko
"Heal a body and a heart. special home care foot massage reflexology for health,Kyu-shindo"Tomiko Shibata