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Japanese-style reflexology foot massage Shiatsu.

Japanese-style reflexology foot massage Shiatsu

Japanese style foot massage "Shiatsu" is a hands-on therapy technique originating in Japan .Shiatsu means “finger pressure” .Shiatsu is popular as home care among Japanese long long time ago. Shiatsu is the application of pressure to a specific area of the body that has pain. Shiatsu massage give for a variety of ailments, respiratory problems, digestive problems, headaches and leg cramps, and can bring relief to a number of everyday disorders. The shiatsu massager uses palms, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, elbows, knees and the feet, to work on the body’s acupuncture points, along what they consider the body’s meridians or energy channels. Its is a safe and effective preventive medicine. Shiatsu helps to balance a persons energy flow, and strengthen the vital organs. This site explains a Japanese-style Shiatsu foot massage techniques by Japanese shiatsu therapist, Reflexology foot charts. You can do a Japanese-style foot massage Shiatsu easily at home.Let's try!

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A sole of the foot is connected with a physical organ.

Japanese-style reflexology foot massage Shiatsu chart

Reflexology foot charts are used as a guide to the various reflex points(Japanese called "Tsubo") of the feet.(see Reflexology foot map).A sole of the foot is connected with a physical organ.
Therefore, we give reflexology foot point of a sole, promote the blood circulation and activate each organ, and it is condition improvement, health maintenance. And we can raise the spontaneous cure power that a human being has.
And we can know a bad part and disease of a body from a lump and a pain of a point to support by stimulating a sole.

A human sole has about 60 places points. When a body causes an accident, a point of a sole corresponding to the part shows it.
A foot massage is health care treatment to return a body to health by massaging a point of a sole. "Japanese style foot massage Shiatsu is home health care to have anywhere anytime.
From old days, we say "begin with a foot as for the aging". Also there is Japanese traditional home health care " to step on green bamboo(stepping on green bamboo massaged a point of a sole)".A foot is the organ which is very important for health.

A sole is "the second heart"

Blood is sent off by a heart and goes up it to a head and goes down over a whole body in the tip of a foot.
A duty of a foot is to send the blood which fell in the tip of a foot to a heart again. A foot is an important part making circulation of blood of whole body. However, a foot is the most far place from a heart. We give a muscle of a foot stimulation, and it is necessary to let you promote circulation of blood by stamping a foot on foot.
You should walk to always strengthen a foot. For example, it is to use stairs without using walking and an elevator.when we go to a company without using a car and a train.

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About me/Why I build this site?

Osaka castle in Japan

I am troubled with chronic lumbago since I have a slipped disk last year. My work is computer relations and uses a PC all day. Also I have stiffness in the shoulders. And I became sciatic neuralgia by lumbago. So I became not able to bear numbness of a foot at last, I went to Oriental medical massage,chiropractic.A therapist have original cure of a leg and a sole.
But I'm so busy,can not go to there.So I thought that a massage of a foot was possible at home and examined it. I exchanged shoes with walking shoes from skin shoes. And I walk if possible. I always think that exercise and massage a foot for health.
Japanese-style reflexology foot massage Shiatsu/Webmaster Mr .S in Osaka Japan
Right picture:Osaka castle

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You can do a Japanese-style foot massage Shiatsu easily at home.Let's try for your healthy life!

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